story and photos by joe howell

After having my 1984 944 named "Goldie" as a daily driving toy for two and a half years, this retired guy (yours truly), began to get the itch for more power. 
Now "Goldie" wasn't going to help fund the new purchase since I planned on giving it to my brother for his 60th birthday. And selling my other 944, a one owner 24,000 mile Guards Red 84 with black leather sports seats was out of the question, this meant my budget was limited to $10,000.
Goldie, Steve and me
After looking around, most turbo cars in my price range, it seemed, were either pretty high mileage or needed an infusion of money as reflected in their lower pricing. Having been an aircraft mechanic and pilot earlier in life, I tend to think of cars like aircraft; they both are comprised of two components, the power plant (engine), the airframe (chassis), and total time in service (mileage). 

"...this being April Fool's day, I began to wonder, was the joke going to be on me?"

Higher mileage means more time in service on all components, so when a 79,000 mile Steingrau 1989 944S2 popped up on Ebay with recent service records and a recommendation from a Porsche forum member, I took the plunge and made an offer. Surprisingly, they accepted my offer and this being April Fool’s day, I began to wonder, was the joke going to be on me?
dwarfed by larger company
The car was in Alabama and I was in Maryland so I had a couple of choices, fly or drive down in a rental and drive it home or pull it home behind my gas guzzling pickup. After figuring it all out, it was just cheaper, and a lot less hassle to have it trucked here for $495. The downside being that I couldn't look the car over myself.
looking as if they just rolled off the showroom
When it arrived a week later, I was quite pleased. It only had a few tiny dings and scratches that weren’t mentioned but overall, it was a very nice car with beautiful black leather interior. I tend to judge all others harshly using my Guards Red baby as a standard, but that's my problem. 

The PO had sent along a folder with over $8,000 in receipts for work and parts performed over the last 14 months and 10,000 miles of use. My purchase price of $9,000 now seemed to be a good investment. The first drive confirmed it...these twisty county and mountain roads were made to order for the 3 litre S2's instant torque. What a blast!



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