story and photos by christian chazalon

I've always loved the 928. I was 3 years old when Porsche built it in the late 70's. At that time, I received that friction car 928 made by Joustra as a christmas present, and it quickly became my favorite toy.
To my eyes, it looked like a spaceship, and it still does. It was nearly ten years before I saw a real one. I was sitting on a bus in Germany during a school trip and I saw it parked in front of his German owner's house. It was white, just like a dream come true.
Many years later, I realized I had money enough to buy one, mainly because prices had become ridiculously low, and so  that's exactly what I did in late 2007 ! I searched for a white one, but settled for a black one in the end. It had very low mileage and was in nice condition. His previous owner was a real estate agent who only used it to go to the golf club on Sundays and drove less than 500 miles a year for the twelve years he owned the car.
One day, I drove it to a raceway and realized how I'd be sad if I crashed it. Some guys there ran three 924 and seemed to have more fun than me, so I bought a 924 too and prepared it for racing, and it was actually pretty good at it. Unfortunately, I had to sell the 924 recently, but I still have my 928. I can’t imagine my life without it!


01/04/2014 03:47

Bonjour Christian, nice 928! I found out about the Joustra models after I bought my 928. They are nice! I now have both.

Nice story! Thanks for sharing.


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