photos and text by andy robinson racecars

Porsche for full-on competition use. Note braces tying front down tubes and main loop to body. The sun roof doesn't do much for stiffness so this additional connection does much to stiffen the whole structure
Substantial door X has further reinforcement. The main front tube goes deep into the foot well so an additional upright tube adds strength at the a-pillar.
Back braces with X tubes and seat belt mounting tube, the link between the main loop and the b-pillar can just be seen.
The four feet of the cage on the near side; foot well, a-pillar, b-pillar and back brace.
An alternative to the usual roof X gives a bit more head room for a taller driver.
Welding is fascinating enough. Throw in confined spaces, tolerances to near fly-pussy specifications, engineered structural integrity, and you've got metal work almost as beautiful as the car itself. This company based out of the UK fabricates roll cages for serious racing applications...even for Ferraris. Check out more of their artistry here:

el jefe


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