story by pablo deferrari

I was born 30 years too soon.

Every time I read something about Porsche's past Superheroes, their creations, or milestones in history, I relish in the proverbial pig in shite.
This afternoon, I got to speak to someone who was there, in the very company that I yearned to be in. I'm sure it would be possible today. Thing is, I'd have to do it through a Ouija Board, because almost all of Porsche's most influential people are all gone, most likely reincarnated as a goldfish or a plant. But today, I was able to telepathically get to know Dr. Ernst Fuhrmann on a personal level...through a man named Orville.

Speaking with such clarity and remembering the most specific of details, Orville transported me
to a place in time where only the privileged could've witnessed. You see, when you bought one of best steeds Stuttgart had to offer, you were warmly invited to look behind the curtain where the best performance in the world was taking place.  And this brings me to address the white elephant in the room; the Study H50 4-door 928 pictured above.

Orville, Dr. Fuhrmann and an iteration of this car had a sort of
ménage à trois for a brief moment that would make any Porschephile drool. But this is a story to be told with time, not to be rushed, or told in boring car magazine style of rhetoric by jaded journalists.


Like a fine Romeo & Julieta Edicion Limitada cigar paired with a goblet of Glenlivet single malt scotch, it's to be done right. Each sip, each deep inhale, an experience only a condemned man could savor on his last day alive.

This will be one hell of a story.



Matthew Mariani
01/08/2014 23:20

I'd like to turn that 928 wagon into a woody.


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