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"Judging by the car you have chosen, you are a motorist of a special breed."

This is what the second page of my 1979 928 owner's manual declares in the opening sentence. I would have believed it then, but I don't think I'd feel like a special breed had I purchased the latest offering from Stuttgart today. Let me explain.
I've been hearing lots of Porsche owner's lament about the good old days, especially since you need to know someone on Porsche's board just to get a manual gearbox these days. But does this concern people like you and me? Somehow, I don't think we'll lose sleep on this one simply because they're not making a product that rivals our current steed...electronic wizardry aside.

"...Porsches used to be made by workers resembling the Keebler Elves..."

Jim Doerr of 928 Classics and I may be considered Luddites in the face of today's Porsche owners. We're very married to the Romantic notion that Porsches used to be made by workers resembling the Keebler Elves who were plucked from the Black Forest for their magical abilities. We spoke for a good 2 hours over this topic in a roundabout sort of way sparked by the inadequacies of modern owner's manuals. 

It seems that Porsche wants you to worry less about where to find the correct bulb for your rear brake lamp in the bulb kit supplied with every early 928, and concentrate more on where you can find the next Starbucks for a latte on their SatNav. That's all very well and good for today's clientele, but what about their older, more established devotees who bought their products time and again helping them out of the brink of extinction?

Listen. Yes we're getting older, and yes, we may be set in our ways, but we grew up in an era when Porsche did things differently for reasons other than trying to attract the 30-something soccer mom who utters the word "Porsch" when talking about her newest lease on a Cayenne. Sorry, I don't wish to be lumped in that sort of category. So what's to be done?

Nothing, you're already doing it. Enjoy the best cars that have come out of a factory who thought that driver input is crucial to extracting the most from their product, and cup holders were akin to seeing a Martian land on your front lawn.

The pinnacle of Porsche's original credo is sitting in your driveway, all you need to do is preserve it and enjoy the simple fact that you know something that the other's don't. Porsche can't ever make a car like yours again and think to remain solvent, and besides, the gloves are no longer necessary when all you have and need is a can of fix-a-flat.


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