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What we've come to know as the "manhole cover" slotted wheel design found on the 928S, 931 and later on the 944S, look like an evolution of this wheel on the 944 prototype.
If you recall your vintage Audi and VW history, a similar wheel was designed for the 1984-1988 Audi 4000 and 5000 series sedans, and a slotted "P-wheel" made for 1985-1989 VW Golf GTIs. This design got a lot of mileage for sure, but the staggered set found on later 928S models and subsequently used for the 1987-1988 944S models compliment those two body shapes beautifully and look the best out of all the applications using this design.

audi 4000-5000 version


vw gti version


porsche 928S, 931, and 944S version



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