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Just look at the beautiful job these guys do.
Read that title again.

Now, remember it and keep it deep within the folds of your brain because the next time you see a 924, 928, or 944 abandoned in someone's driveway, or being offered at a ridiculously low price, you'll know better than to pass it up.
Gavin Arnold, our resident enthusiast from the UK who owns the 944BTR we recently wrote about, works in a shop that now spends time mending these old girls to their former glory.

It's an enviable job Gavin has, but a very serious one too because 20 years from now enthusiasts in the UK will have him to thank when 924/944 values begin ascending. Remember that 356s and early 911/912s were in the same position decades ago.

"last year it would have been a parts donor!"

Beginning with this example, Gavin explains to us why this 2.5 Lux is one of the lucky ones undergoing surgery. "It was standing 10 years with rusty sills, but luckily they are now worth enough to bother saving because last year it would have been a parts donor! I took a deposit on it before the work started! That's trust!" 

He's recently begun the arduous task of restoring this 944 and was gracious enough to let flüssig in on the action.
English salts must have a voracious appetite for Stuttgart metal...
Back to where it once was nearly 30 years ago.
When looking at any Porsche in this state of decay, which isn't so common here in the States, it's hard not to get discouraged. A gaping hole can cost a left testicle to make right again, and then you have to worry that whoever is doing the work is competent enough to do it right...the first time round. Gavin's place looks to be the sort of shop where doubts of this nature are cast aside.

"You'll be forever kicking yourself for not dragging that pathetic looking 924 with weeds growing out of it home."

"We were a general classic car place, but when I started working here and my car was outside. People would come in with old Porsches, we get to chatting. and ..I ended up working on their car, buying or selling it, ect." he explains.

"I've trained the guys here and supplied factory manuals and specs and now it's growing. In under a year we've become a transaxle specialist."
Two sisters undergoing cosmetic surgery together...
And the work just keeps on coming in; these former beauty queens will soon have a bright, new future to look forward to. And so they should. 

Gavin's going to have a bright future ahead too because it seems that the word is spreading quick judging by the the line-up of old girls that wait their turn just outside the place.

Wanna know the worst part of all this? You'll be forever kicking yourself for not dragging that pathetic looking 924 with weeds growing out of it home. Because one day, and sooner rather than later, more enthusiasts will give these cars more serious consideration and have a slew of personalities like Magnus taking aim at the early water-cooled cars for custom work. 

Take advantage of our resources like Gavin, Dan Beckett at Ideola's Garage, Maniac Racing and Restoration's Jason Gonzalez and Jim Doerr over at 928 Classics because these passionate guys just can't wait to help you turn you 924, 944, and 928 into the car it was when it left Zuffenhausen or Neckarsulm.


el jefe
The hands of time will be spun counterclockwise for these old girls.


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