The creation of art from a simple image fascinates me. Working with a basic color image, then changing it to grayscale wasn't enough. I decided to invert the image making it look like there's a light inside the engine bay, then mess with the exposure levels until I was satisfied with the balances of grays, whites, and blacks, then posterized it until the edges become outlined. Finally, I reduced it to a very basic nearly black and white rendition where the basic lines are there to give a sense of what kind of 944 we're looking at.

I really dig this final example not only because it's simplified, but your eye tends to pay closer attention to the lines that form the nose of this 951.

Without getting to artsy-fartsy with what sort of mood I was in, or using some bullshit rhetoric only artists can understand, it's simply a play with shades to achieve a look that could very well be in some art gallery funding my next acquisition. The trick now is to slather it with truckloads of bullshit talk and brand the hell out of it to get the attention of the right people.


el jefe


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