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I was blown away, literally.

No, I haven't gone mad. But when looking at this image above, I'd be willing to bet it has a place in a museum. Wait, a complete exhibition can be made of every Porsche model ever made built entirely by Legos.
Judging by the level of detail this artist created with mere micro blocks, it's not only incredible, it also brings to mind how a shape can be instantly recognizable even when composed of small blocks. The 944's shape becomes the proverbial Coke bottle here—the only thing it needs are more pronounced fender flares, but hell, all is forgiven when you witness the thought that went into this creation.

I mean, look at the engine bay. Clearly it has pretty specific details of 944 pedigree—well, facsimiles anyway . And all of it painstakingly done as best as these limiting, little blocks would allow. Yes, it's missing the rear hatch glass...but they can be a bit tricky to find these days, ok? 

Two things surprise me here, though. One is that there's still a demand for these blocks dotted with nubs, and two; adults have gotten in on this game and they're making some pretty intense pieces. The underscore here is that this artist has chosen a 944 as a muse.

"...I think I did a good job in making the lines of the car."

Now, I'm desperately trying to get in touch with Jason Bungee, the artist himself. Not only because I find his work refreshing, different, and ingenious, but I'd like to know what he was drinking when he set about putting this thing together. Surely some pretty good hooch was on hand to help the brain transform a sensuous shape with...blocks. 

What's even more amazing is that just when you think using your hands to actually make something out of bits and bobs has given way to computer whizzes generating life-like pieces on screen, you come across this and breathe out a sigh.

You think to yourself, there is still evidence that the craft of using a brain, a pair of hands, and physical pieces to construct something is alive and well.  

Below is and excerpt from Jason on how this Lego 951 came to be along with more images.

Jason, if you see this, please give us a shout!
So bored and inspired I started a couple of weeks ago building. First I took the wheels, they are from the black cat and 9,2 times smaller than the ones on the real car, so that’s the scale. I wanted to built the car with working steering, gearbox, engine, pop-up lights, opening doors, targa roof, McPherson front suspension and trailing arm rear suspension.

The gearbox was the first thing that didn’t fit, the lego piston engine was too big, not on scale. The McPherson suspension became double wishbone to support the weight of the car (tried it to make as light as possible, but it still weighs approximately 5 kg). I had to make the bottom of the car as thin as possible, so I needed the doors and roof to support the weight and had to leave them out too.

The pop-up headlights made the front ugly and the engine bay not realistic. 
There is a differential and a working transaxle in the car but in the engine bay nothing moves, steering works, hood opens, suspension is just strong enough to support the car and I think I did a good job in making the lines of the car.
Let me think what you think! 


02/20/2014 02:43

litter alley


02/20/2014 03:42

Fantastic work! couldnt imagine better result with LEGO!!! way better than what i would have expected if someone had told me!
needs 17" wheels... hehehe

02/20/2014 07:07

Holy crap! Now THAT is cool!! Legos and Kinects. Good job!


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