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Back in 1965, three of Lamborghini's top engineers, Gian Paolo Dallara, Paolo Stanzani, and Bob Wallance worked nights developing what would be the beginnings of a legendary car...the Miura. Named after a Spanish breed of fighting bulls, the P400's design was finely tuned by Marcello Gandini and blessed by Ferruccio Lamborghini as a marketing tool and nothing more.
But the reaction at the 1966 Geneva Auto show, much like the 928's, rendered it a blockbuster...and so, into production it went going on to become one of the most coveted vintage Lamborghinis to date.

Why am I telling you all of this? Because there's a similarity between the two cars that would become their trademark designs; their beautiful eyes.
with the doors open, she's supposed to look like a bull with it's prominent horns.
Italian and German sensibilities are polar opposites. All you need to do is look at their armored suits. The German versions were ugly as hell, but robust and impenetrable, the Italians preferred to sacrifice the poor guy inside the suit for the sake of beauty. Their suits were beautiful, but they couldn't protect worth a shit...you could poke your finger through it.

That being said, I'm not too certain of the Gandini's true reasoning behind the Miura's flattened headlamps, but I can tell you one of the reasons why Lapine gave them a nod...to distract the eye a bit.
So massive was the front end of the 928, that something needed to be done to make it look less imposing, sort of like asking a guy with a belly the size of a beach ball to ditch the horizontally striped shirt for a black one to make him just a little less, well, rotund.

This was a clever move, from a design standpoint. Not only did it visually help with the 928's inherit girth neatly putting everything in place, it gave her a beautiful face and a signature look that would define Porsche throughout the '90s. Yes, it has the genetics of the 356 and 911, but the 928 modernized the West Highland Terrier sit-up-and-beg look of her forbears with a more sophisticated, bedroom eyes look.
porsche 965 Flachbau carried the 930 into the 1990s.
the 968 also utilized the same concept and helped give it a timeless look.
not really a 928 anymore, is it?
So unique was this design feature, that Porsche owned it outright; any references made back to the Miura quickly began to disappear. The Sonderwünsche Flachbau offered for the 965 Turbo utilized this design from the 928 as did the 968 amplifying their already good looks. 

Had Anatole Lapine decided to use the 924/44 covered headlamps, Porsche's model line throughout the 90's would've had a look that became dated, overplayed. Furthermore, it would have hurt the already timeless design of those two models, because if the 928, 965, and 968 continued on with that theme, Porsche would seem as though they've lost their edge. And besides, who tells anyone they have beautiful eyes when their eyelids are shut?


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Geez Pablo you're a talented writer! Great!


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