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Since the start of this magazine, I've met lots of great people. Every single one of them, and I can't name them all here, have in some way influenced the birth and continual evolution of this project. One idea in particular was kicked around early on to a point where it's now ready for incubation...

"Now, I'm not into that exclusivity rubbish that reeks of a boys club with a secret handshake..."

Matt Mariani, he of 928RS fame, and I were on the phone hopping from subject to subject when the topic of "R Gruppe" came up. I'm not sure if you know much about this tribe, but basically it's a bunch of guys with early, long hood 911s, modified to mimic the 911ST sports purpose cars of the early 70s. It's a very exclusive group that requires an invitation along with proof of superior genetics, and a blood test to join.
Now, I'm not into that exclusivity rubbish that reeks of a boys club with a secret handshake, but the idea appealed to both of us. So Matt says to me "you know, that's something we should do with 928s." His RS concept already primed the pump and I had been thinking about this concept before, but it was just that, an off-handed thought left somewhere on the back shelf. We chatted a bit more about forming it, branding it, etc. and left it at that.
Months go by, and I think it was during one of my drives, an hour north of me to check out this 968 Cab I've been considering as a surprise gift for my wife, that the "R Gruppe" idea hit me again. This time, it was no longer an idea because I was subconsciously executing this concept I'd been thinking about...the "flüssig Vier." Let me explain.

Vier is German for four, and the four that I'm referring to, naturally, are the 924, 928, 944, 968. What had occurred to me was this 968 would mean that I'd have three of the four...BAM! All I needed was the 924 to complete the collection...that's how "flüssig Vier" was created.

"Why not form a group around this passion?"

This isn't a clique, or some elite group with something to prove, this is a passion. This is a love for each and every one of the cars we write about. The 944 was the fire starter, Jim Doerr helped re-ignite my love for my longtime paramour behind the 911's back, the 928, my wife gently beat the 968 into me, and the secret crush I had on the 924 was nurtured into full blown lust by Dan Beckett. Forming a group around this passion made perfect sense.
I think it's safe to say that readers of flüssig who have two, three, maybe four of the flavors would love to know who else might have a similar collection and form an instant camaraderie. A deeper bond is created, and like mercury, the four different groups of enthusiasts begin forming one group encompassing them all. A beautiful cross-pollination begins to happen. Suddenly, we have a group of passionate enthusiasts coming together rather than going it alone. 

The more I think of it, the more I love the idea. Interestingly enough, a conversation with Jim Doerr this morning really pounded the nail in.
Jim confessed to me that after seeing the numerous 924s on flüssig's Facebook page and website, he's pretty gaga over Porsche's first water-cooled child. When I told him about my idea of the "flüssig Vier," he'd suggested another two groups like "flüssig Zwei," and "flüssig Drei," to include others who have two or three of the flavors to help include those who prefer a limit.

Surely there are others who may be curious about what makes a 924 so special, or what it takes to own a 928, for example, we just need to find them. Not only would we garner a better understanding of the other models, the strength in numbers could really help in the continual fight for the preservation, recognition, and appreciation of these Porsches.
Take a good look at each of these. You're probably wondering what they're about, how they compare to yours, how they drive...why not find out for yourself? The hands-on flüssig reader could easily climb into the driver's seat of any one of these for a modest sum and see what all the fuss is about. Think about it.

This sort of group has a much higher purpose than a bunch of wankers outdoing themselves with who has the cooler build rivaling Magnus.' We're out to educate other would-be enthusiasts on the virtues of the cars that Porsche forgot...after all, we can't save them all by ourselves, we could sure use some help.



Matthew Mariani
02/05/2014 22:50

LOVE This!

02/06/2014 14:16

Ever since Pablo has been posting these pictures of his wife's 944 the beauty of the design has been growing on me. Up to the point to where I am now secretly scanning the web for that one for me...
Must resist... Too many projects already... Resistance is futile...


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