point of view by pablo deferrari

This rubbish looks better on a Honda Del Sol...and look how long that turd lasted.
See this scale model of the BB T-toped 928? They should have left it at this stage and walked away knowing it was just a bad idea. Instead, they made it a reality and a dreadful reminder of the worst fads the 1980's had to offer.
They might as well have slapped a Lexus emblem on this pig...
Honestly, leave the 928 alone. It seems that most every tuning house back in the 1980's that even breathed on this car made it look like complete horse shit. 

And there's a reason for this...the 928's original design is so well thought out, so intelligently sculpted, that any attempts to modify it would fail—miserably. It is one of the most difficult body designs to work with in terms of modifications, as if jinxed by Möbius to thwart any attempts. Good thing he did.

Look at this thing...what a crime. T-tops were for Trans-Ams, and they looked like shit on it. What made these guys think it would look better on a 928? 

And the convertible? Who thought that was a grand idea? Surely Porsche would've explored this option, but they chose not too and with very good reason.

Having loads of cash doesn't automatically qualify one to have good taste, it just amplifies bad taste and makes it more obvious. Just look at some of the bullshit done to these once perfect 928s.
Lambo doors, so played out that they even stopped doing it.
Imagine being kid in High School and having your dad pick you up in this shit...
good thing this one is contained in the Faroe Islands, what the shit is it supposed to be anyway?
I wish they would've removed the 928 wheels, at least then you'd to wonder what the hell it was.


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