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jim doerr of 928 classics has taken his love for phonies to the next level...he's recreated it in modern sizes ensuring them a bright future
Look at those wheels. I challenge anyone to tell me that it doesn't look good on anything but 924s, 928s, and 944s. Some might even be so bold as to say they don't even look good on the Porsches they were used on from the factory...hell, they even looked pretty good on the 3.2 911 Carrera.
The tribes of early water-cooled and even air-cooled VW enthusiasts don't only agree, they've gone a step further and found ways to apply them on their own whips. I'll even go so far as to say that these Phonies are a far more popular option than Fuchs could ever claim. You see, as classic and long lived as Fuchs are, there's just a small number of cars they look good on—and it's mostly Porsches. 

"... there's a seemlessness about the Phonies when paired with VWs of the same period."

But we're not comparing Fuchs to Phonies. What I'd like to show you is the timelessness and versatility these Phonies possess, because they were, in fact, designed by a generation of Porsche designers who knew a thing about timeless design beyond the 911. 
the giugiaro designed scirocco looks beautiful with a set of phonies...especially in matte white
this mk2 jetta wears them if they were a factory option
what could look tastier on this mk1 cab?
the pairings are endless...
The thing is this, there's a seemlessness about the Phonies when paired with VWs of the same period. They look as if they were an option, not looking like they were just slapped on, ill chosen even...they just look right and compliment the car's design.

One scan of the VW scene will confirm just how versatile this design really is. Fuchs, as lovely as they are, just can't make the same claim. They look silly on 356s and outright ridiculous on some Beetles...fact is, they're simply very limited in their applications.
this type 3 notch-back sport them well...
even this type 1 shod with phonies becomes a bit more modern
you could say lamborghini took the phonies to a new level, but the pedigree is undeniable
they've even modified it after the first go around, what's that telling you?
Lamborghini even caught on. I'm not sure if it was a payback for using the Miura's headlamp design, but the designers of the Diablo thought it a fitting design...of course, they modified it slightly so as not to look like outright thieves, but there's no denying the pedigree.

No one embraces this design more than Jim Doerr of 928 Classics, though. He believed that this design still had a freshness about it, so he went and gracefully brought it into the 21st century by resizing it to suit modern enthusiasts thirst for larger diameter wheels...and they look all the better. The sky's the limit here, and with 70s/80s retro baton being passed on from Gen X to Gen Y, this design is going the distance.
here's how they do it...four lug to five lug conversion is a snap; these guys are dedicated
jim's design has a solid footing...he's tapped into a huge culture of enthusiasts ready to dial
Just how far will the Phonie go before it fizzles out? Not sure that it ever will. The 911 has endured half a century and shows no sign of slowing down, why would the Phonie be any different?


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