words by pablo deferrari photos by daniel bergl and david fischer

Loads of research, tons of hours spent, sheer joy but not without bouts of anger peppered in, and a shitload of beer. These are guys after my own heart.
Daniel Bergl (der Ingeniur), and David Fischer (der Banker) are rally junkies...but in July of 2009, something sparked causing their passion to burst into flames. While attending the Rally Sprint of Kornwestheim, the decision was made, right then and there, to not only build their own car but pilot it too.

"...their choice was a logical one, the transaxled baby from Stuttgart..."

At the action-ripe ages of 34 and 36, respectively, this duo spent a few years dreaming about this idea and then began series of discussions on how to go about living the dream on a budget. It seemed that the perfect venue to incubate their start as rallyists would be the ADAC Clubsport series.

The framework of this project was this:
  1. They would build the car
  2. They would do it together, splitting the costs, and decide who would be the driver and who would be the equally important co-pilot.
  3. The car would be rear wheel drive, no exceptions.
  4. Because they lived near Stuttgart, it would only be natural to use a Porsche; a 924 was to be their weapon of choice.
The 924 was the object of their desire, they just had a much more emotional connection to it than an Opel, or BMW. And besides, the 924 possessed near perfect handling, racing pedigree, and built to very high standards...and it was durable as an anvil. After weighing in the pros and cons, their choice was a logical one; the transaxled baby from Stuttgart would be their starting point.

And so it began....

the candidate: 1983 porsche 924 targa

the strip down


loaded her up and ready for the ride home
12.1.2009: she's in the garage
12.12.2009: quick work is made of gutting the interior
1.30.2009: the lump comes out and will spend the next few months on the engine stand
the shell is now naked; no adhesives, residues, or any other elements...nothing but metal.
then we primed her up. the engine and interior priming were left to the experts...ourselves!
then she went to the panel beaters to begin mending the exterior.
all of the rot was mended using metal, bondo had no place here.
finally primed up and ready to go
the seats that will go in
7.27.2010: nice coat of white paint, we're ready for assembly.
after 11 months, we're ready to address the engine

the assembly

the end result

So here's a break down of the build and modifications:
  • complete teardown
  • repair damaged/rotted sheet metal
  • full paint job using factory Porsche white
  • use of brakes, suspension, and wheels from 944/931
  • Wiechers rollbar
  • Sparco seats and steering wheel
  • Bilstein B6 dampers
  • 944S2 front and rear sway bars
  • complete rear torsion bar suspension from a 968
  • 30mm front springs
  • uniball set-up on MacPherson struts
  • polyurethane suspension bushings
  • semi-slicks on all four corners
The future plans are for more horsepower, a larger 5E throttle body, 300°  camshaft, exhaust system upgrade, and a little farther along, a Getrag gearbox is in the works.

This build was no joke. We're talking nut, bolt, and washer detail...it's almost too nice to thrash around at a rally, but hey, that's what this baby is for.

We'll be keeping a close eye on this project, we're especially looking forward to some rallying footage. Mud is gonna look really good on that beautiful white paint job.

Here's their website:


Stay tuned.

"der Banker" David Fischer
"der Ingenieur" Daniel Bergl


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