observation by pablo deferrari

I'll let you in on something...I was never a big fan of the 944's looks decades ago. I was completely certain that no other Porsche other than the 911 or 356 could ever capture my fancy. That's a real pity, because all of those years I neglected to give this old girl a second glance meant that I was an idiot with my head too far up my ass. 
But this is hardly my fault. No, I'm not cowardly shifting blame on other forces at work...this is exactly what Anatole Lapine's designers had planned all along under his guidance. What they had in mind was to design in a manner where the car's shape won't elicit a love or hate feeling in the beginning, it was to be a slow build-up. One where, as time got on, you'd grow to like it more and more.

It worked.

That plan was directly aimed at enthusiasts like me, and now look what's happened. I can barely peel myself away from the garage to get one last look, just one more caress of the flares. It's sick. I thank them for this illness I've developed every time I get behind the wheel. This brings us neatly to this specimen we're seeing here.
This is a perfect example of how the bones are founded in greatness. One enthusiast with a good eye decided to take advantage of this greatness, letting this 944 silently slip into the 21st century by adorning her with accessories raided from the Boxster's wardrobe. The modifications are slight, subtle even. Those who don't know the 944 well enough will probably miss the cues entirely...and that's precisely how I think mods should be.

Much like a distinguished, beautiful woman whose on in her years who gets a face lift but doesn't tell a soul. Those who know her well look at her and know that there's something different about her looks, they can't quite place it, but something's changed. And that's exactly what we have here.
You may disagree about the work done, how some of the originality is lost, tainted even, and that's just fine. You may love it, hate it, or simply suck air through your teeth and shrug your shoulders—time has a way with these sorts of things.


Ramon Luce
02/25/2014 21:25

Love it! I am not a huge fan of the 944 admittedly... More of a fan of it's bigger brother the 928.. But this one is so well done I think I'm in love. Great work!

02/26/2014 07:20

OK, I'll bite... what changes were made? Might be helpful to detail a bit...

02/26/2014 20:04

Hi Kenny, sorry, should've gone into detail. Boxster mirrors, door handles, and exhaust tip.

Tom Roy
02/26/2014 11:27

Looks fantastic !!

I have a 90 944S2 and wanted to add some side skirts and the ones here look great, where did you get them and or how to i get them ... any help would be appreciated .


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