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I've often wondered why Porsche didn't go the way of Ferrari V8s and spin both cams with the timing belt. They've done it with great success from the 308, 328, 355, and 360. I suppose the Vario-Cam was already in the works by the time the first 16-valve 944 made its way into production and so they decided on the chain driven method.
Don't get me wrong, I love the mechanical whir of that timing chain spinning the intake camshaft, but imagine how much quieter that engine would be if it didn't have that tensioner at all? Imagine too, if you will, being relieved of any doubt about chain tensioners, pads, malfunctioning Vario-Cam components. The only worry you have is that timing belt breaking...you'd be in no better position at that point. So I'd love to understand exactly why Porsche chose this method to ease my mind a bit should I decide to consider such a conversion.

Now, I found a company that can very well make that engineering feat of eliminating the tensioner/chain combo and spin both cams with the timing belt. Pfiefer Industries in Naperville, IL specializes in this sort of challenge, and it seems that these guys aren't messing around...so they claim.

Any firm that can master this sort of engineering is worth considering...as long as that's exactly what you want. You see, I don't like messing about with what Porsche worked so hard to perfect. I don't have to remind you of the rigorous testing and utter punishment each car must withstand before it ends up in your hands. So when a company offers a different approach, or modification, to an already perfected design, I tend to avoid it like the clap because I know I may just be at risk of ruining this engineering masterpiece and maybe give the car some bad juju. 

See for yourself...I'd love to find out how this design performs, my curiousity is piqued.




Vytenis R.
02/23/2014 19:46

I might give them a visit see what they are all about. I live like 20minutes from there :)

Jake Myers
02/23/2014 21:47

Thats a great idea. i wonder if the 928 could benefit....


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