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In the past year or so, I kept seeing this early black 924 running around town. It was always on my way to work or when I didn’t have time to stop.  I always wanted to drop by and say, “HEY! Another 924!” and shoot the shit with the guy.  
Suddenly, I stopped seeing it for a while.  It made me sad because a 924 sighting is incredibly rare these days.  There was a yellow 924 that ran for a while and the last time I saw it was on jack stands in someone’s driveway and it hasn’t moved since.

"CHICKEN COULD WAIT, this was an original 924!" 

Now today was an awkward day; tons of snow outside, cold as hell, just nasty weather.  But my wife was sick and had an odd request to have me drop by the store to buy chicken, so I did.  On my way there, I spotted the elusive black 924.  At first, all I saw was the sleek lines and a nice paint job.  As I went by, no doubt in my mind, it was the unmistakable lines of an early Porsche 924.  What a beautiful little car.  And there it was, covered in snow, parked downtown.  Original wheels, the proper interior bits, all the original stuff was there.  It was far more gorgeous in person than when I saw it the first time around from a distance.

I wasn’t on my way to work, I didn’t have a timeline.  CHICKEN COULD WAIT, this was an original 924!  The future of the world is at stake here!  I turned and parked behind the building and took the chance of going into the establishment by the car.  When I got in there, a gentleman was talking up a storm about cars.  No one else was doing much, but judging by his enthusiasm of cars, I took the chance to ask him if he knew who owned the car.  “Excuse me sir, but would you by chance know who has the black 924 outside?” it felt a bit awkward since it was completely random.

After asking the question, he proudly did a thumb point to his chest and said, “That would be mine.” and I asked him if it would be ok to take a picture and talk cars with him, as well as discuss posting it on Flüssig.  He seemed pretty excited to meet another 924 owner locally; you see, I live in a small town, about 30,000 people.  I rarely see a Porsche unless it’s mine.  Only on perfect days when it’s 75-85 degrees outside, with not a cloud in the sky, perfectly dry pavement and only if women in bikinis are present will you usually see a 911 around here.  In the winter time, you usually don’t see them at all.  But the 924/944 crowd is a different bird.  I was happy to see someone enjoying the hell out of their 924 in the snow.  The paint was amazing, the seats were perfect, the interior was overall just fantastic and even the engine bay was very clean.  
He showed me his car, I showed him my 924 Turbo and we chatted cars for probably 15-30 minutes.  It was the spotting of a 924 in the wild, rarely seen these days, in an even smaller community of people.  It felt like hitting the lottery on a spotting and even more-so that the gentleman was a sincere enthusiast of the car.  It was a great moment, the camaraderie of the 924/944 community instantly experienced.               

One could propose that 924 and 944 owners aren’t afraid to drive their cars in the snow because they “aren’t as expensive” but I drove my 911 daily when I had it.  Snow and ice, rain and sunshine.  It makes no sense to me why people would call the 911 a terrible car in the snow, mine did fantastic.  But as I talked to the gentleman, we discussed the weight distribution of the 924 and how much fun they were to have fun with, get sideways and how fantastic they handle in the snow. 

The mentality whenever I meet a 924 or 944 owner is always the same—driving a fun car because they love it, because it’s great, because they enjoy working on them and because they have a passion for them.  I’m glad to finally meet another local 924 enthusiast.

Here’s a few pictures of the car with the owner, Don...an extremely nice guy.  If he ends up reading this, it was fantastic to meet you and hopefully we’ll have a chance to shoot the shit about 924s and cars soon!


Donald R La Dolce Jr
02/13/2014 04:16

Allways a pleasure to drive I feel like a little kid every time I get behind the wheel.I love my little black beauty, and it's allways a pleasure meeting other Porsche enthusiast.

Joe Howell
02/17/2014 22:19

Nice to see a sweet 924, a friend had one in the early 80's. The last 924 I saw was in the bone yard:(


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