thought aloud by pablo deferrari

"How can this be?" you may blurt out. One's logic would imply that the 928 would be a better suited contender in this bout...but apparently, it's aimed for the enthusiast with a set budget. The two cars are about three grand apart, so the 928 at nearly triple that price is automatically disqualified.

The purpose then, it seems, is to educate the potential buyer of one of these machines on two fronts; practicality and relative performance. The other interesting point to consider is this. The buyer could be a young man getting on in his career trying to decide on which will get him to have more woman leave their underwear on his bedroom floor; the car with a name that's exotic enough to prick up ears whenever it's uttered potentially attracting sophisticated women, or the all-American V8 that screams "stud" to the more simple broads.

Or maybe the buyer is a pensioner, a retiree who's trying in vain to live out his last decades on this Earth with a bang, trying to recapture his youth even though his performance in the boudoir is akin to shooting pool with a rope. Remember, this is the seventies, the active ingredients of Viagra weren't even on a chemist's mind...

So clearly, it's not about which will be first at the end of a drag race, or which car can chirp the rear tires going into second. From the almost illegible text, one could make out that this in fact is a more intellectual approach when faced with this sort of decision and enough for a down payment on 60-month terms.

I've tried to read it, really I did. But all those years of being a wanker took its toll and now I'm nearly blind; I suppose it was true what they said about being too self-indulgent. So now the task rests on you to decipher just what sort of juicy material was committed to paper. After all, the text at the bottom of the cover page states this report to be confidential and for internal use only.

I just wish I could remember where I found this gem listed for sale in some obscure website ages ago...I should've snatched it up.


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