quick history lesson by pablo deferrari

To celebrate the 300,000th 4-cylinder Porsche to roll off the Neckarsulm factory in July of 1989, this very unique copper medallion was created. 
This total includes every single 924 and 944 models during the 13 years of production that yielded a tidy sum of 23,000 cars per year. This was one hell of a contract between Audi and Porsche because if you remember, this plant had almost no work before the 924 came into production, one of the last cars to leave the factory was the rotary-engined NSU Ro80 in 1977. Although technologically advanced, this car was doomed being plagued with construction and reliability problems putting a huge dent in NSU's finances from which it never recovered.

NSU was acquired by VW in 1969 merging it with Auto Union creating the modern company we know today as Audi, so the pressure was on to put things back in the black. Technically, the 924 created lots of jobs, saving workers from being unemployed and a plant being shut down after taking such loses with the Ro80.

This medallion is listed for sale, follow the link here.

the rotary-engined NSU Ro80.


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