quick history lesson by pablo deferrari 

This little BMW 1600, code numbered 914N (meaning 914 successor), was purchased in April of 1972 by order of Jochen Freund, the 924's project leader. 
Then, the 924's intended running gear, a 2-liter carburated VW engine developing 95bhp, was shoe-horned in. A 2 meter driveshaft, 20mm in diameter, followed running from the clutch back to the Audi 4-speed gearbox located in front of the differential.

This Guinea Pig began rolling on the road in October to complete checks on noise, air flow, engine cooling, transmission efficiency, and emissions.

It was official...the 924 went from paper to the road well on its way to making Porsche history.

I suppose I can say that I was literally born into this project since I came into this world in June of '72...two months into this car being put together.



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