DIY tip by pablo deferrari

You know I looked and searched all over the internet for insight on doing this job...and Rennlist, Pelican, 944Online yielded no results either. I even called my spiritual adviser Jim Doerr at 928 Classics since I figured he did it on his 32-valve 928, dice. 
So I took a good long pull from the beer can, gave in, and called my friend James, an old school Porsche Master Tech, to ask him how to do it. I should've called him first, but I respect people's time and really didn't want to bother the guy if I could find the answer myself. 

But you know what? I'm glad I did because within 5 minutes, he set me straight. Now I can share with all of you what I couldn't find on the's so simple, and really, had I analyzed it a bit more I would've figured it out—eventually. 
"All you gotta do is take a pick, just like the one you'd use to slip under radiator hoses to break the seal, stick it through the nipple on the cam plug, hook it under and pull. Out she comes." That's sorta kinda what he said. Now when I did that, the rubber coating around the seal was so old and brittle that it literally rip off the metal casing of the seal doing nothing to budge it. Clearly, I must have misunderstood as is my nature.
Here's where I have to apologize about my documentation. I wasn't planning on doing a write up on this adventure, but when I got the seal out, which I'll explain how in a sec, and out the new one in, it occurred to me that I should be taking notes for our readers. So, in an ass-backward sort of way, I'll explain what I did even though the new seal is clearly in place.

As you can see from the image, after I ripped off the coating I had no choice but to poke the pick through the middle of the seal, which luckily was a chintzy metal. Once through, I then hooked the pick around and yanked...pop! It came right out just like he said.
Now that it was out, I cleaned the inside of the bore where the cam end lives and got my new seal ready. I put it in the bore and used the old seal to tap the new one in place with a hammer until it was flush. And that was that. All I had to do at this point, aside from grabbing another beer, was to bolt the plastic arm that holds the cam seal in place back on.

That was the easy one...the two at the back of the head, well, I dunno, some other time I guess because I've yet to figure out how the hell I can tap the seal in place when there's barely enough room for your hand. It'll have me cursing in German...I know it will.



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