thought aloud by pablo deferrari

When I first saw this ad, I thought it must have been some kind of joke. Now, I wrote an article about the ridiculous prices Porsches are going for in Argentina, but this one wins hands down. What the hell makes this car worth half a mil in the seller's eye? A famous owner.
See this ad? That's for the same car listed back in 2009 with a more market-correct price bearing in mind that it was owned by the world famous footballer, Diego Maradona in 1980; his first Porsche at the age of 19.

Apparently, the current owner/salesman thinks he'll get this price for a plain 924 with some incorrect parts like the exhaust and silly hood scoop just because the paperwork bears Maradona's name. Then I thought to myself, "wait, maybe that's in Argentine Pesos," which in the current market works out to about USD$63,580 which is a bit more believable considering the pedigree and that the average price for an '87 944 listed for USD$37, 500 in Argentina.

Nope. It was in Yankee dollars. What a crock of shit... 



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