thought aloud by pablo deferrari

Me and Jack Daniels were inseparable pals until he suggested I have my two pitbulls pull me at full bore on a skateboard. Listening to him paired with my lack of judgement resulted in my wrist being shattered to bits. After that nonsense, I decided to no longer hang out with that sonofabitch and dumped the rest of him down the toilet.
I've done loads of dumb things under the influence of whiskey, but turning a car into a catfish never crossed my diseased mind.

Now I'm not exactly sure what look this enthusiast was aiming for. Maybe the plan was for a bit more of a bulbous look to bring it in line with modern car design, or form followed function and the design was borne from wind tunnel tests to prove the effects of ram-air technology. Either way, the outcome is ridiculous...the color cements this thought.
the stylist of this body kit shown here observing how nature has all of the answers to good design—biomimicry, I think...yeah, that's the word.
Had it been my car and I still guzzled Jack from the bottle like the old days? I would've pulled out all the stops and made my 944 look like the toy-hauling truck in Maximum Overdrive. Why beat around the bush when all the pragmatic German coupe wanted to be was a clown all her life...I know this because she told me so as I took the last swig.



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