quick history lesson by pablo deferrari

These guys, Gerhard Plattner and Rudi Lins, seriously had one of the best jobs in the world. Imagine Porsche coming up to you and saying, "Here's a 931 and company credit card, go out and see if you can break this thing." And just like that, they took off into the unknown.
Spanning all of 31 days through America, Europe, and Africa covering a total of 32,729km, the Austrian Motorsport Association organized this trip with some strings. The engine and gearbox were totally sealed disallowing any tampering and strict logbook had to be kept collecting things like gas receipts and the like.

Needless to say, this little car endured the sub-zero, unbreathable air of the Arctic in Alaska to the ovens of the Sahara that promised to kill you with nary a hiccup. This reminds me of the words Huschke von Hanstein utterd to Vic Elford when a truck showed up with no spares to the Monte Carlo rally his 911 was participating in. Astonished, Vic turns to Huschke and says, "Where are the spare parts?" Huschke grins and says, "Porsches don't break, my boy."


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