thought aloud by pablo deferrari

I've been around, you know? But what I've discovered tonight tells me there's so many more incongruent pairings between Porsches and girls; I ain't seen nothin' yet.
My wife was next to me when I found these gems and I burst out laughing.
She said, "What?" 

I caught some air between the laughs, "Can you believe this shit? I mean, what would you even type in to begin a search for this kinda thing?"

I was looking for something very specific and, BAM, this pops up. After I composed myself a bit, I began to admire the level of work this illustrator put into these pieces. It's talent; call it kitsch, low brow, pure shit, but you must acknowledge the fact that these pieces demonstrate a talent of the highest order

I'm willing to bet that if one were to set up a booth at the next Porsche Parade in a smart manner done with a little class and had each model from the 356 all the way up to the 918 painted next to these tarts, they'd make a killing. Kitsch goes a hell of a long way, think about it, what Porsche enthusiast wouldn't want to buy a piece for one of his Porsche buddies with a his model next to a slutty pin-up? It's a laugh, it's unique, and hell, it's a true work of art...from an objective standpoint, ya wanker.



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