thought aloud by pablo deferrari

I plan an opening an art gallery with nothing but used Porsches and memorabilia, oh, and it'll have a special wing for orphans like this. 

You see, I think there's something very interesting going on in some enthusiast's minds that begs to be drawn out and discussed. A thought process, some vision of genius we're clearly not privy to and I want to dissect it.
Now, many of you will cringe and make cross signs with your fingers wishing it away like some blood-thirsty vampire when looking at these creations, but I feel you'd be missing out on the fun of it all. Sure, you may hiss, "there goes another 9-something to waste, look at what this genetic throwback's done...pfff." 

But deep down, in the depths of your mind, you love this sort of thing because it pisses off the purists, infuriates them. Especially the ones who think the stars of this magazine, especially the 924, aren't worthy enough to have a Porsche crest simply because they're not of air-cooled lineage—that sect. 

Yes, there are 924, 944, 928, and 968 purists too who'll loathe these sorts of modifications, but they're already in the league of the damned anyway, we all are because we love these cars to a fault and don't fit the mold as it is. And so what? Why not celebrate someone else's vision on how their Porsche should look like? 

Maybe they're on the right track. It's possible that these enthusiasts are quietly sending a clear message to Porsche's marketing department and designers that they've missed something. Whatever that something may have been they set about implementing to their car. After all, why have they chosen a Porsche as the basis of their creations? They're something to be said about that. 

When you think about it in a larger perspective, the Cayenne, Macan, and Panamera might very well be thought of in the same terms...rolling gargoyles. The difference is that they're trying to bring in a wider audience while the creator of the monster truck 944 already has the audience...he's simply entertaining, enlightening them, even.



03/17/2014 17:20

That's some photo collection Pablo!

03/23/2014 02:30

Unless someone else made one, I saw that "monster truck" 944 on craigslist here in ohio..that looks like ohio, too haha. blazer frame and such, i believe?


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