words by pablo deferrari photos by simone lanfranchini

Look at that...the next time someone looks down their conk at 924s, show them this photo with a beaming smile. No, it's not a real Carrera GTS, but who cares? Simone Lanfranchini has such passion for these cars that he decided to build his own version of the legendary 924.
I can't call this car a replica. That term seems fitting for a car that "looks" like the genuine article. That's not Simone's car. His transcends the pretentiousness by creating a car the same way Dr. Fuhrmann orchestrated the 924 GTP to be engineered.

He began with a 1980 931 and completely modified it to Group 4 specifications in order to compete in the historic rally championship, Rally della Lana Storico. This is how he went about things. He swapped the stock turbocharger for a ginormous K-26 KKK turbocharger, an intercooler the size of an icebox, an intake manifold similar to the one in the GTP, and a 4-into-1 exhaust manifold plumbed into a stainless steel pipes.

"...the word replica suits this car like a burlap bag on Natasha Poly..."

Then he plumbs in the famous CIS K-Jetronic injection system with eight, yes eight, injectors...just like the 928 and the Ferrari 308. In order to stop this locomotive, he bolts in brakes from the 3.3 930 Turbo with a hydraulic handbrake found only on homologated Carrera GTs. The beast is suspended on gas dampers bolted to reinforced control arms adding the cherry on top with uniball joints. Ah, and finally to fill in the arches 16x8,5 and 16x9,5 wheels are used with the supplementation of 15s depending on the tires.
simone's road and race car...what a collection.
Now you see why the word replica suits this car like a burlap bag on Natasha Poly...look her up and you'll see what I mean. If what Simone accomplished doesn't inspire you to go out and play around with a 931 listed on Craig's list for peanuts, you need to be grabbed by the lapels and shaken up. Need a bit more encouragement? Watch the video below...
The Rally della Lana has all of the romance of the Targa Florio. Imagine ripping through historic towns in Italy hanging the tail out in a turbocharged Porsche, running on pure rock star adrenaline hearing the load roar and whistles of the crowds in between gear changes...ask Simone, he'll tell you all about it.

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