submission by christopher young

After admiring the 928 since I was a child I ran a cross a pristine example almost 2 years ago. a 1988 S4 Gaurds Red with tan interior. 
Most importantly to me it was a manual with LSD and with only 24.5k miles! All maintenance was performed and loved by one owner. I won two concours last year, one the annual PCA event held in Traverse City MI and at the annual SEMPCA event. I look forward to further adventures in this wonderful almost "new" 928...A wealth of Design and engineering before it's time treasures!
editor's note:

Looks like Christopher gave us a teaser shot. It also sounds like he's part of the SEMPCA (South East Michigan Porsche Club of America) tribe, home to Erik Ohrnberger, Dan Beckett, Munk's Motors and ex-pat Jim Doerr. The stories and events Erik tells me about makes me believe that these guys sure know how to party...must be those looooong winters. Check out their site here:

Thanks again Christopher!


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