words and photos by vytenis rauchas

So it was a first warm Sunday here in Illinois it was sunny and we had around 55 degrees, so i decided to play outside and finally check and test fit the aftermarket parts I bought 2 months ago. I called my brother to help me out and keep me company. 
First we started by removing old bumper, which was not too big of a hassle; we just had to remove the diffuser too, which didn't go too well since a few screws were rusted and striped down. Nevertheless, we managed to get some of the screws off in order to pull the diffuser down just enough to get to the side screws that held the bumper. 
After that bit was done, it was time to fit my new euro clean look rear bumper. After marking the spots where we needed to drill out holes on the supports, we put it on, and that's when I noticed that my muffler tip was way too long (will be figuring it out later on).

Now it was time to assemble the 3-piece hoop wing also know as the "bridge wing." It took me some time to figure it out since some parts didn't match up so there was some sanding to be done, followed by some drilling and lots of sweat...eventually I was able to connect everything together and then fit it on the hatch.

The only thing left is to remove the parts and get them painted. I cant wait to see how it'll turn out; I'm really excited because I always wanted to swap out that big, bulky bumper in the back. The icing on the cake is the bridge spoiler...I always loved the look of it on later 944 S2s and 968s. 

The downside? The rear has no impact protection since I had to remove the impact absorbers; that the bumper is fiberglass only makes it worse. But as we all know, beauty requires sacrifices now and then, and quite frankly, I don't mind!



Joe Sharp
04/06/2014 08:25

Pictures are not showing up on my PC. I want to see the body work lol


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