words and art by pablo deferrari

Every single thing I do with our Porsches, I write down in my little notebook, I don't have to tell you the importance of such things. But what amazed was Porsche's own service record book seemed, well, curt. Six quadrants with enough space for the date, mileage, and a place for the dealer to stamp it. I think they could've done better and since they offered a nice array of tools in each car's kit, they've must have figured the owner would like to keep a rigorous set of notes on what was done and when.
This is where the flüssig cult comes in to offer what Porsche owners need being that we're pretty much on our own. Besides, any dealer stamp on a book of say a 1978 928 with 173,000 miles would be pointless now because you're probably the 8th owner, the original book has been reduced to dust in a landfill during the Reagan administration, and no dealer would dare work on your car. They wouldn't have the parts anyway because most of them are no longer made or in Jim Doerr's warehouse at 928 Classics.
So what we're creating is a nice little booklet, the same size as the owner's manual, and meant to fit in the glovebox. The cover is a durable polypropylene for durability, and there are three aluminum fasteners holding it all together; and they're easily removed to add more pages. The cover page features our name and the single numeric identifier for each of the four models. 

Each page has a nice washed-out Pascha pattern, front and back whether empty or with text. The first page allows for you to enter all of the pertinent information on the car. Each page after that is where the records are written down; date, mileage, work performed, and next service mileage/date.

In talking with Jim Doerr, we're out to further refine the idea with technical specifications tailored to your model and creating a version for 928 Classics too...the end result will no doubt be killer.

There'll be different size binders available, page refills, and a few other details are in the works.
At the other end of the arts are a series of decals we're designing. One example here is to begin a "flüssig gruppe" unifying each model into a brotherhood, but without the snobbery and silly initiations rituals like doing gear oil shots or something. Matt Mariani and I discussed this idea at the beginning of this project and we think our group of enthusiasts will dig it. 

And we've only just begun...


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