words and photos by matt mariani 

editor's note

Salvador Dali was asked once what he thought about his own work, he replied, "It's like the greatest masturbation that never ends." And do you know, I have to say the same about Matt's very ambitious 928RS project.
I'll tell you something else. You know what really bothers me about this project? Committing it to a magazine article. Impossible. Anyone attempting to do so would foolishly miss the point and fall short of sucking the very marrow that drove this entire thing. You just can't summarize this undertaking in a five to eight page spread; no, this needs an entire book in order to tell the story.

Now I'll admit, Matt's 928 was going to be on our cover page for our first print edition, but other circumstances nixed that plan. I'm glad for that because maybe that's what flüssig needs to do, release a sort of mini-series of projects like this in its own binding. I could easily spit out at least 100 pages that not only tells the story, but takes you behind the scenes of how an artist like Matt collected his thoughts and ideas committing them to paper and then to sketch model before finalizing them into production-like executions. 

How could I possibly know all of this intimacy? Because I know Matt, I understand his thinking and how he goes about things...we graduated from the same University, majoring in the same Industrial Design program, and shared the same professors. It's like being brought up by the same parents teaching each of us the same thing...how to neatly take our scattered ideas and bring them to fruition. Cut from the same cloth, I think they call it.

Enjoy the CliffsNotes on what's been going on so far.


el jefe
1983 928 RS Concept update:

The Gulf Blue paint is very nice, the car gets noticed and videoed whenever i take it out; not kidding, I look for it on youtube.

The 928RS currently weighs 2650 lbs with a few gallons of fuel. I feel can get it to 2600 lbs. easily.

No holes or cutting of the unit-body or doors has taken place but I did drill the hatch frame. The hood vents are very effective and the exhaust note is downright bad-ass.

This 928 has only ONE crank-driven accessory belt, throttle response is excellent, HP added the Porsche way. With it being so lite, the stock S brakes stop this car like a brick wall. The handling is superb, acceleration the same, as power to weight rivals a GTS on paper. 

The RS isn't finished (car projects never really are), it was a long, cold, winter here in Philadelphia so I have a lot of work to get to.

Some of this work will includes the following:

  • Install tubular exhaust manifolds which are considerably lighter than the cast iron pieces.

  • Koni adjustable dampers, I also have S4 front springs to lower the car (may not with all of the potholes right now)

  • Suspension bushings, motor detailing, detail paint work (gulf orange)

  • The manual steering is great, I would never re-install the power assist. Feels much better without the it.

  • I am installing an oil cooler up front and a custom chin spoiler to protect it; while I'm there, I'll finish up the front end.


  • I installed the old carpet to use as a template for the new stuff I'm ordering, I'll pin up material to the old to make a pattern for cutting the new stuff.

  • The interior will be mostly new factory Silverknit carpet but with ribbed rubber floor mats up front. 

  • I have a Momo Prototipo steering wheel and lightweight seats still to install. 
The above will lower the weight another 50 lbs or so. 

I also want to look at the 928 adjustable steering wheel mechanism for simplification for weight loss as i never adjust it. 

I will also remove the front bumper cover and lighten the hidden aluminum front bumper like the rear; this will shed a few pounds. I have a lot of little details to do inside, for example, like the oil temp and air/fuel ratio gauge need to be added.


  • Lexan quarter windows still to do as well. I want to try an heat-form them and use the o.e. gaskets
  • I don't want any machine screws, I'm trying to pull it back from looking like a track car, which was  an important detail in the beginning for me. 

I'm not done, but the good thing is, I like driving this Porsche...a lot.

The original door panels will be modified slightly and re installed (sans the heavy armrest /lower storage) and finished up with more carpet in this area. And I want the door panels to look like something Porsche may have done. I need to finish the lower trimmed center console, too.



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