thought aloud by pablo deferrari

subject perfection in any photograph bores me at times because that's all we seem to see, or think the public wants to see. what does that say about the audience that prefers it as such? boring, fastidious, unrealistic...
look, I like to see a gleaming shot now and then, but from an interesting, original angle. the problem is when every publication thrives on it, demands it from their staff by having them mull over image after image for that "perfect" shot only to further it into the depths of becomes pure shit. I don't like being smothered with insincerity in casual conversation, so why the hell would I want it in any other medium?

this image to me is probably the most original one I've seen today. that 931 oozes character, it has an honest patina that marketing shitheads at the pottery barn try so hard to perfect, make believable even, and sell to other shitheads who prefer this dishonest look. what else can be said for a generation or two that never really had to work hard to get where they are, may as well hand over the patina while you're at it. earn it, I say.

this shot is as real as it gets...even the model stirs a bit of eroticism that any virile man could see, the "girl next door" always has some sort of naughty mystique that arouses. the only thing staged here is where she should stand and give a flip of the hair for a little effect.

what does this have to do with Porsches? everything...



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