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My philosophy for Porsche ownership consists of two rules. Never use your savings to buy one, and never rely on a day job to fund the upkeep or restoration...create a source of income to fund your hobby. It's relieves stress and it can be a shitload of fun...
To the entrepreneurial type, it's a given...and some have utilized their own Porsches as the that source. Smart. Now, I hate colloquialisms, but the old "if ya got it, flaunt it," seems fitting here. What better way to attract clientele in this case cuisine, your product than a Porsche? 

Think about it. How many times a day do you see a 928 for example? Now what if you saw a 928 at say, a flea market or something with it's rear hatch propped open and someone serving something out of it's boot? Regardless of exactly what they're selling, themselves or a cup of coffee, you'd be curious enough to surry on over and see what it's all about. Hook, line, and sinker...
Sure, it may take a lot of coffee's from the back of your 928 with a hydraulically operated tray, or wieners from the whale-tail of your 911..but that's hardly the point. It may not be enough to fund the 924 Carrera GT you've been lusting after or provide enough cash to re-upholster your 928 in genuine German Pascha, but it can lead to much larger, more lucrative opportunities. 

My lifelong friend Shane's uncle Dan, affectionately called "UD," and I once had a spirited chat over a barbecue in the middle of the ocean on our sailboat. After a swig of wine and a puff of his cigar, he said something to me that I'll never forget; "The best thing you can do is to expose yourself to as many possibilities as you can. Whether by travel, vagabonding, or some other experience that puts you in a position different than what you're used to, you'll never know who you'll meet that will change your life as you knew it." That's not verbatim, but I captured the gist of it...interestingly, he nailed the start of his fortune during a ski trip in Europe if, I remember correctly. 

The message is clear enough...go out and have some fun, but always keep that mass between your ears working. You never know where life will take you next.


el jefe


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