words by pablo deferrari photos via P101TV (peter bell)

I just had a nice chat with Peter Bell of P101TV.com. Haven't heard of it? RIght, then, here's the "get a clue" portion of flüssig...
Imagine you're in London, and you have this map laid out on the table of some pub in Picadilly Circus. You know, the one with all of the important icons and must sees, trying to look for that specific "something" that locals tell you is "a must" to visit while you're there...well, that's P101TV, except the map is Porsche and all of the icons and points of interest are everything and anything to do with Porsche.

And the icons grow daily.
Anything from the Junior to the 918 can be found there..anything. The site consists of members who join, free of charge, and upload businesses, resources, images, videos, wallpapers, DIYs, historical bits...anything that is related to Porsche can be found there...really.

Peter's Porsche Passion drove him to create this site where enthusiasts can congregate and find anything they may need to fuel their own passion. Truly a labor of love, Peter ensures that the freshest content is delivered to you via P101TV's newsletter when you join...there are even forums to be part of. 

The great thing about his website is the inter-nationality of it. Porsche nuts from all over come here to participate in a common language...Porsche.

Pay P101TV a visit and check out what is sure to be the first private Porsche Library open to the public.

Check it out:



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