words by pablo deferrari photos by devon brown

Aside from eating paste and sharpening crayons, most of us can’t remember a damn thing when we were 8 years old…Devon did.
You see, at that age, besides loving anything with a motor in it, he got bitten by the Porsche tick; he remembers it like yesterday. His father had a burgundy 944 Turbo, his first Porsche, and he’d let Devon sit on his lap and steer it while he drove…and that was the beginning of a life-long love affair with the marque.

Devon was sucked into this passionate vortex further when his Pops bought a 911SC after selling the 951. This car would draw Devon into his father’s shop, SoundFX, where he was busy converting the SC into a Turbo; these wrenching sessions would further enrich Devon’s education. Then a bit later, a white 1988 944 Turbo would come into the picture as his father’s daily driver. This is the car that would become an heirloom.

At the tender age of 18, Devon’s father gave him his 951…a huge step from the humble Toyota Corolla he’d been tooling around in since 16. To a vast majority of High School seniors, having any kind of Porsche would be a dream since it most certainly would propel them into stratospheric coolness ensuring your pick of any hot girl.

The Turbo wasn’t just a hand-me-down that was ready to go, this car needed some work. This is the sort of thing that grounds a teen, you know? When inheriting a car that requires you to roll up your sleeves, and get your hands dirty before hopping in the driver’s seat, you’ve earned this thing.

"...to bring that magic number to 336hp…at the rear wheels."

While being mostly stock, she had a bad turbo for starters. All of those courses on the fine art of Porsche tinkering in his father’s garage would begin paying dividends. Out went the tired turbocharger, waste gate, injectors, exhaust, and MAF to be replaced by components that would usher in another 119 ponies to bring that magic number to 336hp…at the rear wheels.

To achieve this lofty figure, the help of a Lindsey Racing 3” exhaust, 55lb injectors, dual-port waste gate would be needed. And this was just the beginning of the journey. On the outside, a 924 GTS hood replaced the original, the vented nose panel would tie things together and she would sport a sexy set of Stilettos in the form of 18” Carrera wheels. 

But that wasn’t enough. This addiction to turbo power encouraged the engine to be rebuilt, initially to cure a sticky valve. So why not further enhance the experience of boost? The bottom end was built around a 968 crank pushing on Pauter rods and Wössner 2.8 liter stroker pistons; an oil pan baffle brings the bottom together. At the top we have an o-ringed head, Web 274 cam, Lindsey Racing springs and Moly retainers, the head was ported and the intake manifold Extrude Honed.
Want more? Ok then. How about a Rouge M-Tune and a Garret GT-35 #10 hot side made by Charlie at Evergreen Tune and a Snow Performance meth injection kit finishes things off.

Devon has 5 years invested into this baby, but he throws a word of caution to those considering such an endeavor.

“I wouldn’t recommend this car to Joe Blow…” he begins. “These cars need a lot of time, money and love. They simply aren’t cars you get in and expect it to be like a modern car. Age related random issues will pop up.”

He sums things up like this.

“You need a lot of patience with the 951…you give her love and she’ll love you right back. If a 17 or 18 year old enthusiast was looking for a 944 Turbo, I would tell them to find one with all of the kinks worked out leaving you nothing to do but maintenance.”

Pretty sound advice for someone of any age to heed.
Although he hasn’t taken her out to the track yet, he’s looking forward to. He reckons his first will be at this year’s 944 Fest out in Ohio. A future membership to PCA may further enhance his experiences with a few DEs. For the moment, though, the 951 is set-up to be a weekend warrior.

With his 6 month old son joining the family, he’s looking forward to passing on not only his 951, but his Pop’s 930 he’s acquiring in the near future. And he can’t wait to continue on the family tradition of Porsche tinkering when his son comes of age…hell; he’s planning on building a car with him. Porsche passion continues on with no signs of slowing down.



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