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free verse by pablo deferrari

I drive down this road every morning
and it’s only on sunny days
that I see this guy’s 964 Targa

telling by his dark blue uniform
stiffened by starch
that he’s a mechanic at the Cadillac dealership
on that street,

he seems a very neat and tidy guy
unlike myself
his hair and mustache always perfectly trimmed,
he takes pride in his appearance.
I could give a damn.

this explains why he only
drives his
on days where dirt and grime
are least likely to find a place on his car.

I’m being presumptuous, of course.

but I’ve traveled down this
for nearly 2 and half years...
a pattern developed.

I completely understand his rationale
but he’s missing out
on the uglier side of days.

a Porsche’s persona
she drives differently, somehow.
you seem to notice things
like the well dressed and coiffed women
waiting for the bus
losing their 
sex appeal
beneath umbrellas
in a sea of beige gabardines.

there’s something mesmerizing
about the rain streaming up your
the wipers have a rhythm
that somehow intensifies the
blurring landscapes
as they go by.

All this is taking place from where
I’m sitting
long after I’ve passed by the
Dodge Dakota
he drives on such days.

I’ll run into him
on a bright morning.
I’ll roll down my window
and say,

“hey, good morning…”

“that’s a beautiful Targa you’ve got there.”

“now why don’t you
stop being such a
and drive the thing
in the
with a beaming smile
on my face,
of course
suggesting a bit of
amongst owners of the

he’ll pause for a bit,
take pity
on me and say
with deadpan delivery,

“precisely because
I don’t want my car
looking old and
like yours.”

he’d make a good point.



05/31/2014 17:24

Love the freestyle Pablo. Sounds like a few people I have met :)


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