thought aloud by pablo deferrari

zuffenhausen left us no choice
but to fend for

they see fit to pull the nipple away from us
when it no longer seems
that they can benefit 
from our slow growth
as custodians of these machines
that have yet to garner the same respect 
as the other models.

what other models?

the vintage ones.

oh, like my 20 year old 968?

no, the other ones.

and so it goes
that we have to continue on

is this part still available?
what about that one?

but we still have these available.
it'll cost you, though.

well, we're sorry too.

sorry that you chose to leave us
for the other.
but it's only a matter of time
before we become
the other.

until then
we have passionate minds
who are building a business
around your deficiencies.
Racer's Edge saw to it that
not only do we have a choice
when it comes to upper strut mounts
for later 944s and 968s
at half the cost of original
that's still available
at a small fortune...

it's more versatile.

Jason Burkett
at Paragon Products carries them.

and you know what?

I'd rather give my hard earned 
to someone as passionate as him
instead of what is now just a 
concerned with numbers
and a cool image.

the name still means 
to us.
maybe one day
they'll go back to their roots,
and treat the models
and their owners
that helped keep them buoyant
with the same respect
they give the 

it's only a matter of time.

until then...
carry on.


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