words by pablo deferrari photos by erik ohrnberger

"Oh well, I guess 3 seasons to too much to expect from a track tire." 

Not only am I always so happy to hear from Erik, I was tickled pink to see that he's a sensible guy, like me, who uses things to the point where they can no longer be of service. Surely it's the German side of him where frugality is a way of life passed down from generations. I don't have any German in my bloodlines that I know of...but I secretly pretend I do. 

Speak that quietly.
We live in a country that thrives itself on waste. It's not about wealth so much as it is about abundance of goods, the relatively low cost of things, and credit cards....I won't bore you on economics.

What Erik demonstrates is how we, as a nation, should be using our goods by getting every cent of them. Is he living a bit dangerously? Na, by the looks of that one tire, a blowout would've only honed his already sharp reflexes.

The other side of Erik's sensibilities surface when we see him using his S2 like the engineers at Zuffenhausen intended. Not only does the 944 have to be reliable, economical, and fast, it has to also defy the stigma of a sports car by being practical. And that means using it to haul a trailer nearly three times its weight. Erik is just scratching the surface on that one, I expect that he plans to haul a tandem axle Airstream with it during his retirement...time will tell.

It's clear to see that Erik uses things to the fullest as they're intended. Your author, on the other hand, never gets a clue when things have reached their life expectancy. It's only until he gets arrested for indecency because he's walking around with jeans having areas that should be covered riddled with gaping holes instead for all to see that he gets it.

Who knows, maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree and Erik simply forgot to order tires for the new season.

fresh set of Toyo Proxes R888 are on Erik's list...


05/20/2014 18:34

Looks like someone has a lot of fun!


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