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RHD Aussie Porsche 928 Jubilee interior
chances are that if you have one of these very rare 50th anniversary edition Porsches, consider yourself a lucky bastard...especially if you live outside the ROW domain.
1981 marked 50 years of Porsche's existence as an automotive engineering wunderkind. so at the tail end of 1981, they celebrated this milestone by launching a Jubilee series of their then three models, the 924, 928, and 911...had the 944 been birthed earlier and sold as a MY 1981, it too would've been included.

this option was slated for the rest of the world, or ROW, so unfortunately, the rest of us missed out on the celebrations. we did get a late invite, however, with the Weissach edition, but that was sorta like coming to the party when all of the cool people left and only the B-list drunkards were about.

probably the most well known characteristic of this edition is Ferry's signature on the headrests on all three cars. the other features, purely cosmetic, set them apart from their stablemates.
the 924 version
the 924's dress was labeled option M402 (924 Anniversary Car '82/50 Year Porsche Construction). it got a zinnmetallic paint job, black leather front seats with silver inserts and black pin-striping, gray carpet and door panels, electric mirrors, cassette holder, 4-spoke leather steering wheel, electric windows, rear spoiler, 4-lug 15" lattice wheels, and removable roof. only 600 were made.

for the 928, the option was M406 (928S Anniversary Car '82) painted meteormetallic over a burgundy interior, as was the 911SC option M403 (911SC Anniversary Car '82/50 Year Porsche Construction). 140 928s and 200 911s were christened with this option.
roger tyson of 928sRus owns this Americanized M406 optioned 928.
this is his interior
911 with the M403 option
a targa jubilee edition
some say this was a marketing strategy developed by Porsche to drum up lagging sales...part of me doesn't want to believe that. idealistically, this marked a special moment for the company, but let's be realistic...Porsche has had and continues to have all sorts of celebratory models and milestones, all of which are designed to boost sales. why do you think they made 600 924s?

does it really matter? these days, sure it does, to collectors like you and me because they're special cars commemorating a remarkable point in Porsche history. problem is, the prices, save for the 911 versions, don't necessarily reflect their desirability, yet. get them if you can, while you can...their values will only go up from here on in.



06/15/2014 10:36

Nice one, Pablo!
There was a nice a 928 Jubilee 5 speed which recently sold near $3.5k on ebay. Hella buy!

"... was sorta like coming to the party when all of the cool people left and only the B-list drunkards were about."

That's my favorite time to party! I'm a B-lust drunkard, Ha. ;)

Adrianus Winselaar
07/17/2014 04:13

Thanks for the nice information!!! I bought an almost complete rebuild 911 M403 Ferry Porsche. Including a big binder with all the invoices.
Meteormetallic and inside Burgundy.

Graham Bates
06/22/2016 17:30

I own the car in the top photo of this page. Actually it is a couple of weeks away from being my car for 20 years. As far as I can ascertain its the only RHD car and the only auto version I have heard about. It's certainly the only one in Australia. It was delivered new to Hong Kong.

el jefe
06/22/2016 20:15

Hi Graham! that's fantastic, thanks for letting us know...of course, we'd like to see some more shots of what truly is a unique piece of Porsche history.


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