thought aloud by pablo deferrari

very rarely do we get to witness the design process on how Porsches are created; be it a sketch, rendering, CAD drawing, or a wooden model such as this one done during the early design stages of the 924.
what has me curious is how Porsche openly shared these vignettes of the studio with the public years ago, they've even allowed two journalists to be a fly on the wall during the 928's development stages and write a book about it...from start to finish. these days, we're lucky if we even get a staged photograph of what goes on in that think tank of theirs.

different times, indeed.

for the early water-cooled enthusiast, the images of this model represent a remarkable moment in Porsche's history and the start of a new chapter. from this simple and beautiful design, two generations of models, the 944 and 968, were spawned...the amount of respect we owe it is beyond words.

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