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Rendez-vous Saturday morning before going to the track. Some distinguished company for my car as you can see
I thought I’d share my experiences at the 2008 Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix with you all.
First a little background: Each year in August, a street circuit is cordoned off in Copenhagen, and over a weekend, various classical car races are run.

This year, special attention was focused on Porsche, to celebrate their 60th anniversary. The Danish Porsche Club arranged an exhibition next to the track, of some 30 cars, covering as wide a selection of models as possible. In addition, a special arrangement was made, so that cancer-sick children from a nearby hospital would be given a ride in a Porsche, again with as wide a selection of models as possible. 

Having the only attending 928 had its advantages, since I got picked for both exhibition and driving with the children (15-20 cars were needed for the latter, but over 60 volunteered for this). Late on Sunday, another 928 showed up though, so I wasn’t completely alone anymore.
My car in its initial place. Those of us taking the sick children for a ride had to park at the rear, to allow easy exit from the exhibition area. More pictures from the exhibition below:
We all met up early on Saturday and drove to the exhibition area at the track together. A few hours later, those of us scheduled to take the sick children for a run, exited again and drove to the hospital to pick up the children. 

My passenger was a boy aged 12-13, apparently undergoing both surgery and chemotherapy. I wouldn’t pry too much into this, as it was supposed to be a joyous occasion for the children, and hopefully take their mind off their very serious situation, if only for a moment.
The plan was to go back to the track and drive a couple of laps on it, and subsequently go on a short trip through Copenhagen, to a place with some photo opportunities. Afterwards, we were to return to the track with police escort on motorcycles. Was looking forward to having the blue flashing lights in front of me for a change... 
When we arrived at the track however, we were informed of a delay of around 30 minutes. During the wait, my passenger started to feel bad and asked to be taken back to the hospital. 

Poor kid. 

It really gives you a pang in the heart to see someone so young hit by a disease you tend to think is reserved for someone much older. 

On my way back after letting him off at the hospital, I met the others exiting from the pit area. Laps on the track had been canceled due to time constraints, so they were going for the other parts of the arrangement. Felt sorry for the kids who were no doubt disappointed about this. As I had no passenger anymore, I went back to the exhibition area, so no police escort for me this time.
The other 928 that showed up during Sunday.
On Sunday however, all of the exhibited cars got to do some presentation laps on the circuit, so had an opportunity to treat the spectators to some unrestrained BWAAAA down the straight. I'm now one of the few who has legally gone 100mph+ on a Copenhagen street.

Got plenty of questions and spontaneous comments about the 928 during the weekend and all in all it was a memorable event.

Of special interest for this forum will be the racing 928 attending. Pictures and videos below. Have been able to find out precious little about it. It was listed as a 1981 – despite the S4 front/rear, and having a displacement of 4000ccm (a typo ?) It wasn’t racing as such, but rather drove in a presentation of various Le Mans, Can Am and Group C cars.

Thanks for reading,
one of the many videos of the races...
Here's a video of the racing 928 on track. Again, I recommend clicking on the ‘Watch in high quality’ option on the right below the video window:


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