art by pablo deferrari

places like pottery barn make me shake my head in disgust.

they make a killing selling shit with falsified ravages of time, and consumers who never own anything long enough to earn such character, fall for it hook, line, and sinker. but what you're seeing above can't be pulled off, even by the master impersonators of patina themselves...
this is the shift knob, in all it's tattered honesty, in our 968 Cabriolet. it's not the sort of patina that most would like to see, but it doesn't bother me...yet. besides, this is one of the most used components in a Porsche, so it's no surprise to find an original one in a car that's exactly 20 years old. 

what I set out to do is celebrate its life before it becomes an eyesore begging for replacement. the original photograph, although full of character without any alterations, left little to be desired. you essentially looked at just another worn down knob, like countless others, and therefore became less inclined to examine the small details that make it so interesting and inimitable.

interest is lost, almost immediately.
so in order to help bring the eye back, I decided to invert the image. by doing that, the audience does a double take to see the familiar change into a new perspective, one that emphasizes the subtleties and diffuses what was once obvious. now you stare at it a bit longer because there's more detail...a bit like an x-ray or a ghostly image.

then I took the image and placed it into a blank canvas arranging it in a style that speaks a language Porsche once used in their showroom posters. and after a few trials with and without thin borders, solid and outlined flüssig title in various shades of gray, I'm happy with the end result you see in the very first image above.

there's so much character with our cars in their natural state that they beg to have bits and pieces of them photographed, enhanced, and put on a wall for all to see. 

border with solid gray font
border with solid black font
no border with solid gray font
no border with solid black font
no border with black outlined font


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