words and photos by christian chazalon

Beginning in 2007, Mario Pagès from the Porsche Club Méditerranée, organized France's  most important Porsche Classic Meeting in Luberon, Provence, France : "La Fête des Classics". This intimate gathering is open to all Porsches made before 1998, from the 356 all the way up to the 993.

This festival started out rather small with only 42 cars participating in its first year. Ever since then, the number of entrants sky-rocketed to the point where a limit of 200 cars had to be set in 2013 because of the Chateau d'Ansouis' grounds size.

During the two days, every one of these old Porsches, in perfect condition mind you, will cruise through some of the most scenic small roads of Provence for at least 200 miles. The setting couldn't be more perfect for such an occasion. This year's event was a bit special since we were commemorating "60 years of Speedsters."
Now, I've been attending every féte since 2008, alternatively with our 928 and 924 "cup", and even attempted to enter the "Concours d'Elégance" twice with the 928 since its restoration, but honestly, we thought we hadn't a chance in front of all those 356 speedsters. I thought wrong! 

Our 928 reached 2nd and 3rd place amongst such pedigree proving all too well that she's finally come of age and earned a rightful place in Porsche history by being one of the classics at this event!

What a joyous moment, indeed.

Check out the féte's website. Hope to see you there next year...


some images of the previous years...(from their website)



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