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my first love...
It all started when I was in 4th grade and my mother had to take me to the doctor for my stitches to be removed from yet another hockey scar... 

As we pulled into the parking lot we came across a 911SC and I couldn’t stop looking at the lines of the car. My eyes were fixed on the slightly flared fenders, the tail, the whole profile of the infamous 911 body.

I asked my mother, “mom what kind of car is that?”

She looked and smiled and said “Porsche!”

I will never forget that  feeling of awe and inspiration that came over me. I continued to pester her about the car, how can I get one of these and what would it take.

My mother’s only reply was , “stay in school!” 

yep, just like the Professor intended.
Moving ahead a few years later, I have never lost my feelings for Porsche cars and became infatuated with them. I purchased my first Porsche at age of 24, I was running my own business and things were going very well. I decided to enter the Porsche family when I purchased a Titanium Gold 1982 Porsche 928.

As the years went by, I kept looking and wanting more and that’s when I discovered my first 911—1972 911T Targa and I decided to go for it. So I sold the 928 and bought the 911.

"The car became a constantly changing canvas..."

I decided to modify the car with a 3.2 liter Carrera motor and other goodies since the car wasn’t complete when I purchased it. The car became a constantly changing canvas and after doing numerous projects on the car and continually upgrading the car, I found my most recent acquisition…a 1979 Porsche 930 turbo. But in order to get it, I had to sell my red ’72—which I reluctantly did.
my '72...damn I miss her.
The ‘79 930 was the body style of Porsche I had always wanted. The flared turbo fenders, the whale tail, and just the look of that car always inspired me. Although money was an issue, I had to go for one that was incomplete and start the long process of putting her back together again. This gave me the freedom to do some of the things that I always wanted to do.

Since I was always attracted to the Outlaw style of Porsches, it was my turn to give a little hot rod flare to the body that I fell in love with as a child. The 930 received a matte Black paint job, full roll cage, racing style seats, MoMo steering wheel and a set of Enkei wheels.

The B&B exhaust was another addition and then I decided to slam it down to the street. The car started to take shape and the closer it got to being finished the more excited I got. Of course, any person will tell you the car is never finished but it was close and I was ready to take her to the street. If you look at the pictures of the car, you can see the look I was going for. And you know, I am happy with the end result.
my 924, sitting on Saab wheels, undergoing restoration
Along the way I have acquired other cars that I have restored. I am always on the lookout for something Porsche and that is what led me to the 1977 Martini Edition 924.

I found the car in the local paper and had to go see it.

"So I went to look at it and it was a mess."

When I called and made the appointment to see it, I kept an open mind. What I found was that the car was in decent shape and it seemed like just the outside of it suffered the wrath of the Connecticut winters. 

So I went to look at it and it was a mess. The guy wanted a thousand bucks for it, but it was all there including a period correct and dealer installed turbo kit!

The problem was the outside, it just sat uncovered for so long. It had a layer of rust on it and it became obvious that someone, somewhere along the line, did the body work incorrectly. Unfortunately, that side of the car paid for it after sitting in the guy’s driveway for about eight years.
here she is, the '70 914...
and she's undergoing some cosmetic surgery...
So I drove down to see it and once I opened the door, much to my surprise, I found a 63k mile interior and door trim. It was all there!

I took a chance and offered the guy $250! At first he had to think about it, but I promised him I would restore this car and keep it like I do with all my Porsches.

He agreed!

But under one condition, I had to come back with it and take him for a ride in his love. He was an older gentleman and couldn’t get in the car let alone have it fixed since he had retired and was having some issues with walking, and getting around.

I agreed to his terms, loaded the car on the trailer, and away it went. 

And so starts the long process of restoration once again. The car is currently being taken down to metal, and I have to sand all of the body down and straighten her out a bit. 

The motor was seized too, so I am pulling it out and looking for a shop to do the engine build. Since the car also had a period correct turbo kit installed by one of the Connecticut Porsche dealers back in the day, it adds to the charm and value of it and it just looks great…I hope it will run as good as it looks!

The interior was in really good shape, it just suffered a little fading due to years outside in the sun. The gentleman I purchased it from was the original owner, so he’s excited to see it completed. 

As promised, I told him when it is done, I’ll be bringing it back for him to admire her again as she once was and take him for a ride in his pride and joy. I am looking forward to completing this restoration and driving the 924. Not only is it going to be a lot of fun, it’ll be an experience I look forward to enjoying with my kids.

Here is the current list of Porsche cars I own

1.     1968 Porsche 911L
2.     1970 Porsche 914
3.     1977 Porshce 924 Martini Edition
4.     1979 Porsche 930

Other Cars I own

1.     1989 Mustang LX
2.     1990 Saab 900 SPG turbo
3.     2007 Acura TL Type S

editor's afterword

A guy like Steve with such a diverse palette when it comes to Porsches, is a man after my own heart. He's like the kind of guy who at a dog adoption venue could care less about the breed of dog it is, so long as it's a dog...he embraces any kind of Porsche that needs a little love and a lot of sweat equity without any reservations.  His passion, like many of ours, started as a small ember that's now burst into a roaring fire that continues to rage—and he's just getting started.

Wait until we bring you the story of his '77 924 Martini Edition...



Fred Martens
09/04/2014 11:38

Not only is he a connoisseur of Porsche's, he knows how to motor the highways and byways at speeds that would make your hair curl. A race car driver and make-over artist personified, they come no better than Steve-A-Reno!!!!


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