thought aloud by pablo deferrari photos by manfred f.

I bring this to your attention not to discuss model building, which I haven't done in nearly 30 years, but to show you one man's modification using a plain kit as the starting point to construct what in his mind is the more authentic approach.
Here's what I'm getting at. You have this idea in your head about performing some sort of modification on your life size ride, but rather than butchering it up maybe you should buy a few 1:24 kits and try out your mods with styrene.

This is ideal for those of us who can draw an an Etch-a-Sketch, but fall short of mastering a 3D modeling program. The other benefit to this more hands-on approach is that once you've made your mods, you can look at from a multitude of angles to see where changes need to be made or if your vision just plain sucks.

There's a reason why stylists and designers still use clay to translate the sketch into something more tangible.

Here's a link to the original build site in German:

hydraulic unit, jaws of life, strapping, and other rescue bits were not in the original model kit...they were of his own creation.


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