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It’s an expression that I hear a lot from car guys, many of whom are water-cooled Porsche owners. The idea of fixing or replacing parts “while you’re in there” makes a lot of sense, because many times half of the battle is simply getting access to the part you are servicing! 
Anyone ever try doing a clutch on a 924/944/928/968? Good grief… I haven’t – and hope that it will be years and years until I have to. The amount of work required just to get to the clutch is unreal.

The WYIT mindset is also a quick way to end up spending way more moolah than you intended. So, replacing that leaky water pump was only $100 for the Zim’s replacement, but why not replace the belts and rollers while they’re off? And maybe the valve cover seals, since that’ll be ready to come off. You know what? The front main seal could be replaced too… it might be years before I have the crank pulley off again. 

Do you see where I’m going with this? Good, I know you do – if you’re reading this article, you’re probably just as familiar with this process as the next guy who owns an aging car and wants to make sure it doesn’t go to crap.
It also gets expensive when you suddenly realize you need some new tools to get the job done. 

I’m extremely guilty here. 

I bought my 944 about a year ago, and prior to that purchase, I had only the basics, which are nowhere near sufficient for car maintenance. The past few weeks, I had to replace the transmission, torque tube, clamping sleeve, fuel lines, and a few other minor fittings. Guess who marched off to Harbor Freight and Sears and immediately bought $150 worth of tools? 

Some notable items were a Sawzall (because the seized clamping sleeve bolt wasn’t going to cut itself), a tap and die set (because apparently my brake lines fittings are all cursed), and new hard rubber fuel lines (because no 944 job would be complete without collateral damage). 

This has WYIT written all over it. New bolts and grease for the CV joints, gear oil and drain plugs for the transaxle, and clamping sleeve bolts are all honorable mentions.
But at the end of the day, can we really complain? 

Those parts would need replacement anyway. It’s like borrowing grief and expenditure from your future self – that sounds pretty good to me. In brief, I’m glad that the WYIT mindset is pushed so heavily in the wate-rcooler community. 

We know that our cars are much more than the sum of their parts, but the parts need to be as solid as the car was built to be.


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