words by pablo deferrari

it's 1975.

you're no stranger to Porsche. maybe you have or had a 914 or a 356...possibly a new 911 Turbo. nevertheless, if you bought a Porsche off the showroom floor, you were part of the Porsche family...the upper crust.

that means you were also on their mailing list...so there's a good chance you might've gotten this little number in your mailbox.

consider yourself lucky—you were just invited to witness a new chapter in Porsche history.
the 924 was anything but ordinary, it broke new ground for a company traditionally steeped in putting the engine in the wrong place and cooled by 1930's technology. this was the new face of Porsche, and just like the water-cooled 996 broke away from tradition, so did this little car.

if you're on the fence  about buying a 924, or never really gave them the time of day, one look at this exclusive invitation will make you a believer in one of the most underrated, most significant of all "old modern" Porsches. 

Porsche spent an awful amount of time developing this car, the images below gives you a glimpse of just how much went into it. they went so far as to show you technical drawings, studies, vignettes of their thought processes; things that today's market can give a damn about. this was quite possibly the best piece of marketing aimed at the enthusiast who was actually interested in such technicalities.

it was a different market in those days, and much to my dismay, days that never will be again. hopefully I'll be wrong.

enjoy the moment.

images: aisle542; ebay seller. as of this writing, this wonderful piece of history is for sale here.


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