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I'm not sure, but it seems that whenever Porsche needs a boost in sales, they announce a "special edition" model of any said 9-something.

well, as much as I'd like to think that the marketing department had their paws on this 1978 SE, it may also just be that Porsche wants the public to know that they've made a few subtle upgrades...in case they were missed by those with ADD.
the 924 was no cheap date, you'll have to agree because when I tell you that the basic 924 cost nearly nine and a half grand in 1977, that equates to roughly $37,775 in today's money. So when our peanut loving president Jimmy Carter was the CEO of this great nation, the average median salary was $13,572 (around $53K in today's money), while the average new house set you back $53,400, the same buying power as $205,000 would have in 2014.

think about those figures for a bit. the ENTRY level Porsche cost a bit over three quarters of a person's average salary. That's like saying , "hey man, look; I make $100,000, I think I can swing a $75,000 car."
Porsche, thriving on the perpetual evolution of their models, figured that the time came for the 924 to move a bit upscale and become refined.

1978 saw a host of improvements including Porsche's own 5-speed gearbox offered as an option, rubber bushings in the rear suspension, uprated shock absorbers, optional electric window lifts, the manlier, signature oval shaped rear silencer replaced the original pea-shooter version, an improved exterior mirror design, and black-centered alloy wheels with polished rims became a popular option.

these were big improvements since its launch in '75 as a '76MY...and it would be another two years before improvements were to be made again.

so, what did you get with the special edition 924 in 1978? 

a Dolemite Grey metallic paint job, silver metallic and black body side pin-striping, pressure-cast alloy wheels, sway bars, fog lamps, the oh-so-cool black white Pascha interior, black leather-wrapped steering wheel, leatherette shift boot, and a couple of speakers in the rear sides and one under the dash...oh and the antenna was manual.

what did a 924 with this option cost? according to the example listed below back in 2013 on Rennlist, the price, all in was $14,524...that's $52,994 with inflation adjusted in 2014 dollars. 

let me break the price of the options down with 2014 figures in parenthesis.

  • base price $11,995 ($43,767) 
  • special edition option  $590 ($2153)
  • removable top $380 ($1387)
  • automatic transmission $399 ($1456)
  • tinted windows $105 ($383)
  • air conditioner $595 ($2171)
  • power windows $295 ($1076)
incredible, isn't it?

although sales declined to 3,200 down from 1977, 1978 was the one year that saw the most imports into the US; around 11,638 units...and don't ever think for a minute that this was a cheap car. the next time someone laughs and thinks a 924 is a joke, I give you full permission to print this article, show it to the dolt who thinks so, and walk away with a beaming smile as you mutter "asshole" under your breath.


brochure images source: http://coochas.com/http://rennlist.com/forums/vehicle-marketplace
1977 magazine ad from eBay
this nice looking example with 62K on the clock was listed for $7500 in 2013.
the proof!!! a heartfelt thanks to Farfelc2s of rennlist for this wonderful info!


Carlo Brousseau
08/19/2015 08:51


I'm 100% right with you! I'm the owner of the 924 on your pictures!!! I have the original contract, original license plate from Mr Gordon (first owner) and all originals papers!!

Have a nice day!!!

10/15/2015 01:35

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