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rumor has it that it took Pininfarina's Leonardo Fioravanti just 7 days to design the Daytona...7; the rumor proved to be true when Fioravanti was asked about it in a TV interview. this makes me curious, I wonder how long it took to wrap up the 924's shape, and did this Ferrari you see pictured above give them a head start?
in order to understand where I'm going with this, I'll fill you in on how this question popped into my head in the first place.

you see, I have a soft spot for vintage Ferraris. aside from the canvas-ripping sound of a Columbo V-12, it's the passion that oozes from every line and curve I'm most attracted to. so when I look at a 924, or 944 for that matter, I can't help but think about the resemblances shared with legendary 365 GTB/4 Daytona.
so I took a swig of wine from the bottle and, for the hell of it, I decided to superimpose both shapes to prove my theory correct...I trust my eye; my assumption was pretty dead on.

now, Porsche's first body-in-white was made in June of '73, it was Lagaay's initial design, his first for Porsche, that was a little too bulbous and Italianate. Rudolf Leiding, head of VW at the time, considered himself a hobby stylist and he wanted to give the car its final look that was signed off on in the summer of '74.

around the same time, the last of the Daytonas were rolling out of Maranello...could it be that Leiding, and not so much Lagaay, was influenced by the legendary 365 GTB/4's shape? did he think it fair game, since it was no longer being produced, to borrow its dress?

or, was he simply enamored with the VW SP2 that was designed under his command while he was CEO of VW Brasil? curiously, he left Brasil for Wolfsburg a year after the SP2 entered production in '72...exactly when the EA425 was being tossed around in the boardroom. keep in mind that the last SP2 produced was in 1976; this was about the same time the 924 was taking its first breaths.

of course, I'm playing devil's advocate here, but there's a lot of questions in my mind surrounding the similarities of these designs. 

designers are most often influenced by their favorites; Tony Lapine's was smitten with the Testudo, a Corvair concept car designed by Giorgetto Guigiaro, (we wrote about it back in March) and you can see how that design might have influenced the 928. and truly, lots of subconscious penning is put down on napkins when design ideas are being the question is, what really influenced the 924's true design origins?


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Joe Sharp
07/10/2014 03:37

Keen eye - also consider the Datsun 280Z and mazda R7


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