late news by pablo deferrari

I clearly came late to the party...
for those of you who did too, 
here's the dirt on this stuff.
I had one can left, 
was about to go out to buy another 
to flush the brakes 
on the 911 
when I found out.

I called my supplier
and asked...

"hey Dick, how's it hanging?
I need a can of the Super
Blue shit."

"what kind of dildo are

he said.

"whadya mean?" I said.

"we don't carry it anymore,
it's illegal...but the Typ 200
is the same, come on down."

he said.

off I went...

luckily, the TYP 200 is the same shit, 
only it's amber...and miscible with the blue stuff.
below is the letter from Continental, who ATE is a division of.

and here's a link to the article from nearly a year ago:

sourced from


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